Introducing BIC: In Practice

BIC: In Practice is an information series, drawing together BIC’s vast array of work across the book supply chain into six key focus areas: Greening the Supply Chain, Data & Classification, Physical Supply Chain, Digital Supply Chain, Libraries and Business.

Under these umbrella areas, we will outline and signpost all of the projects, collaborations, benefits, committees, events, training and communications, in order that anyone in the industry can see, at a glance, what BIC does in any one area and how they can contribute to and benefit from the information and guidance produced.

How can BIC: In Practice be used?

Each BIC: In Practice area will have a PDF document ready to view and download from our website, to allow individuals and organisations the opportunity to save and/or share the information with colleagues in a way that suits them. They will be available to download from the BIC: In Practice page.

Beginning with Greening the Supply Chain in June 2023, one new area per month (except August) will be uploaded until December 2023. We will communicate via email, the BIC blog and via our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook  and LinkedIn) when these are ready to view.

We would welcome any and all feedback on BIC: In Practice, details on how to do so can be found on the contact us page.

Focus area for June 2023: Greening the Supply Chain

62% of the energy used to produce paper and paper packaging in Europe comes from renewable sources.


In our first focus area, Greening the Supply Chain, we’re exploring arguably one of the most crucial topics and areas in our industry today. 

The book industry needs to reduce waste, use more green energy, promote the circular economy and maximise green efficiencies. Organisations in the publishing industry can most significantly lower their carbon footprint and become greener through changes to the supply chain. BIC has made a green promise: committing to championing the green agenda and providing organisations with the tools and resources to help them make their supply chains greener and more sustainable.

BIC’s work in this area and how your organisation can benefit

BIC’s green agenda is woven through all activities and work, however particular focus is directed through the Green Supply Chain Work plan including the Environmental Accreditation Badges Project and Designed for Recycling. BIC also has collaborations in place with The Green Book Alliance and many organisations throughout the industry. 

Our work in this area also feeds into the MCD, BIC Realtime, Ordering Best Practice and IRI – featured in more detail in our BIC In Practice: Data & Classification, to follow in July 2023.

Collectively, the projects in this area of BIC’s work will help organisations to:

  • Drive discoverability and sales (MCD)
  • Make more sustainable, cost-effective purchasing decisions (Environmental Accreditation badges)
  • Minimise returns and waste (MCD, IRI, BIC Realtime, Ordering Best Practice) 
  • Reduce their carbon footprint
  • Reduce miscommunication throughout the supply chain

How to find out more and get involved

Visit our Green Hub and take a look around, or simply view and download the BIC: In Practice PDF document to see full information on this critical area, and please share the PDF with your colleagues and wider industry acquaintances. Details of how to access BIC’s work and becoming actively involved are found within the PDF.

We will be sharing a new BIC: In Practice area each month this year (except for August), so ensure you’re signed up to our mailing list and following us on social media (Twitter, Facebook  and LinkedIn) to receive the information as soon as it’s available.


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