BIC’s 2023-2024 Strategy

We’re delighted to announce that the BIC board has now signed off on our 2023 – 2024 strategy! Below you’ll find an outline of what that means in practical terms and how it impacts our members and the wider publishing industry.

Here at BIC our mission is to make the UK book supply chain more efficient and sustainable, by developing standards and encouraging their adoption. We define best practice and connect experts and stakeholders to enable measurable innovation.

Our 2022 – 2025 strategic pillars encompass every aspect of BIC’s work and detail our ambitions to achieve our mission and provide the best possible service to our members and the wider industry.

Throughout 2023 – 2024, we are working under three broad strategic pillars:

1. Supply Chain Efficiency and Sustainability

  • Industry facilitation leading to resolution
  • Standards & best practice creation & implementation
  • Events, training & resources to support industry
  • International engagement
  • Supply chain experts

2. Value Delivery

  • Focus on timely projects & initiatives that provide demonstrable & measurable value
  • Focus on industry implementation & adoption
  • Agile, relevant & responsive

3. Communications and Community

  • Awareness raising: Supportive & consistent engagement & messaging with BIC members and wider industry community
  • Industry links & advocates
  • Visibility & presence

BIC’s 2023 – 2024 Strategic Priorities

These pillars form the foundations for our 2023-24 strategic priorities as follows:

Greening the Supply Chain

This entails delivering against the measurable projects detailed in our Green Supply Chain Work Plan and continuing our collaboration with the Green Book Alliance, the Sustainability Industry Forum (SIF) and the International Publishers Association (IPA).

Supply Chain Efficiency

We’ll be pressing ahead with projects & initiatives from BIC’s five Strategic Committees, as well as continually reviewing those committees, ensuring their relevance and that they remain fit for purpose.

Adoption, Awareness, Education

This priority includes reviewing and auditing our standards and best practices to drive industry adoption and implementation across projects, events and training. We will also be surveying our members, growing relationships with key industry stakeholders and continuing to promote the value of our work.

Communication and Engagement

Our communication & engagement strategy underpins everything we do especially with regards to sharing our knowledge across the industry in the most effective ways. As part of this, we’ll be reviewing our free-to-all documentation/resources policy and its integration with BIC membership and will also continue to develop the new BIC website as a “Destination for Knowledge”.

If you’d like to read in more depth about any one of those priorities, including information about BIC’s brand new projects for 2023-24, please visit the BIC Strategy page and download our PDF document for full details. BIC members are welcome to become involved across all projects, see our live projects page for more information.


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