What are BIC Bites?

BIC Bites are a series of short papers on topics of interest to BIC members. They are written by industry experts and rigorously reviewed and checked by BIC Committee members and other BIC member volunteers.

It is BIC’s intention to build and continually develop a comprehensive library of BIC Bites on a wide variety of book industry supply chain topics.

22) Assigning a new ISBN vs keeping the original ISBN

21) Comparison of BIC Realtime for Libraries & Library Communications Framework (LCF)

20) Introduction to the Library Communications Framework (LCF)

19) Weights & Dimensions Best Practice in Metadata

18) Publishing rights, Distribution and Sales rights in metadata

17) Migrating from ONIX 2 to ONIX 3

16) Introduction to UK Standard Library Categories (UKSLC)

15) Introduction to Thema for Booksellers  (updated March 2024)

14) Introduction to Thema (updated March 2024)

13) Introduction to the International Standard Book Number

12) Introduction to Pricing in ONIX

11) Introduction to Pallets

10) Introduction to ONIX (updated July 2023)

9) Introduction to Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestments

8) Introduction to ISNI

7) Introduction to EDItX Reporting Formats (updated July 2023)

6) Introduction to BIC Basic Metadata (updated July 2023)

5) EU VAT Changes to Digital Services

4) Choosing Keywords for Discoverability  (updated March 2024)

3) Book Industry Returns Initiative (reviewed 2022)

2) BIC Realtime for Libraries

1) BIC Realtime

More BIC Bites will be produced in due course so watch this space.

If you have a topic that you would like to see a BIC Bite produced on, please get in touch:  on 020 4551 1570 or contact us.

We hope you find this series of documents useful and informative.

BIC would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the writing, validating, and testing of these documents.