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How to use our Resource Centre

BIC’s Resource Centre offers a wealth of trusted and essential information and guidance with regards to book industry standards, agreed best practices, reports and recommendations, events, the BIC Metadata Capabilities Directory and more. While all BIC documents and tools contained within the Resource Centre remain the intellectual property of BIC, they are (with the exception of the MCD, which is available to contributing BIC members only) made publicly available to ensure that both BIC’s member organisations and also the wider book industry community is able to easily refer to and benefit from them.  

The “Reports and Advisories” section of the Resource Centre

The Reports and Advisories Section of the BIC Resource Centre includes a series of reports authored by highly regarded supply chain professionals, tackling a variety of topics that have challenged our industry.

BIC has intentionally included older reports alongside more current documents to create an archive showing how supply chain standards and best practice have evolved. Some of the challenges have gone away. Others have not.

The information provided in these reports is intended for guidance purposes only. Those involved in the book supply chain are strongly advised to seek up to date advice on current standards and best practice, as well as consider compliance with the business policies of their respective organisations.  

BIC members are welcome to contact us regarding the documentation contained in this, or any section of the Resource Centre.

Keep up to date with the BIC Resource Centre  

Here at BIC we are always working to address important issues and areas of concern or difficulty in the book industry supply chain so do check back periodically as we grow and develop this Resource Centre over time. Many of our key projects result in new or revised Best Practice recommendations, and/or informative reports.  

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Permission to use 

With the exception of the BIC MCD (which has its own separate agreement) all BIC standards, documents and tools contained within BIC’s Resource Centre (or elsewhere on the BIC website) are free to use and download only in accordance with BIC’s Standards Licence only. 

Can’t find what you’re looking for? 

If there is a book industry supply chain topic you’re looking for guidance on, but can’t find, or you’re a BIC member and would like to suggest a new topic you’d like is to cover (either as an event, training, best practice documentation, a new standard or something completely new) please get in touch.