Understanding Paper

Paper can have a huge impact on the cost and quality of a book, and understanding it is essential for everyone involved in production and design. This course looks at the production of paper and its various properties, the specific requirements for digital as well as litho paper, and the differences between US and European paper supply.

Shipping Explained

An understanding of international shipping is a vital skill for global book production and distribution professionals. Getting books printed is only half of the job – once they are made you need to deliver the books to your customers safely and cost effectively.

Making and Managing Monochrome Books

BIC’s commitment to a sustainable book industry is reflected in our training where sustainability, ethical and environmental considerations are front and centre. On this course we look at the production methods, materials and processes involved in the creation of monochrome books, giving you practical, up-to-date information on their environmental impact, helping you make informed, ethical, sustainable and practical decisions.

An Introduction to Production

Aimed at those new to book production, this course provides an interactive introduction to how books are made, looking at the whole process including repro, colour management, the different print and binding methods within the book industry, and the language used. It focuses on the role of production, how individuals can add value to it, and how to avoid some of the potential pitfalls of the production process.

Digital Printing for Books

Knowing which print method to use can be critical to the profitability and success of a book and publisher. By looking at the different digital print technologies and workflows available, this course provides delegates with an understanding of the pros and cons of each and shows them how using different print methods can help them manage their inventory.