Latest BIC Bite Clarifies When to Assign New ISBNs

If you or your colleagues have ever been unsure when to assign a new ISBN, or what the rules are, then our recently published BIC Bite has the answers.

It’s a short paper written by industry experts from our membership and offers guidance and advice with real-world examples. You can find it in the Resource Centre of our website and it’s free for everyone to read/download.

Explore the rest of the BIC Bites series – there are a further 21 documents to explore on a variety of topics including:

  • Migrating from ONIX 2 to ONIX 3
  • Publishing rights, Distribution and Sales rights in Metadata
  • Book Industry Return Initiative (IRI)
  • Introduction to the International Book Standard number (ISBN)
  • Weights and Dimensions Best Practice in Metadata

And more!


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