An introduction to the project


This map is a result of the work completed by Task & Finishing Working Group of the BIC Environmental Accreditation Badges project. The project is part of the BIC Green Supply Chain Committee Work Plan which is leading various environmental and sustainability projects to help the book industry supply chain.

Aims of the project

The aim of this project was ultimately to help the industry make environmentally friendly purchasing decisions and allow for key sustainability data to be included in the ONIX feeds from publishers to the wider world. The project researched and vetted all industry applicable sustainability accreditation standards/badges and applied the most suitable to a curated supply chain ‘map’ highlighting where each might be used. A gap analysis was also produced detailing areas not yet addressed by current standards/badges or schemes.

Explore the Book Supply Chain Map

It is possible to use the online map in a number of ways. You can either enter it from the list of badges if you know what you are looking for. Alternatively, you can look at the diagram of the supply chain and pick a badge in its location on the map. In both instances you can click on the logo or icon, and this will take you to the environmental and social responsibility data about that badge or to the relevant website.

We know that there are many routes that a p-book or e-book or can take from the publisher to customer.
In this map we have represented one version of the journey.
The more important thing for the user is that the map shows where the ‘badges’ are applicable to the book industry supply.

1. Author

2. Publisher

If E-book then skip to data centre

3. Printer


4. Shipper

5. Distributor / Warehouse

Data Centre

6. Retailer

7. Customer