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The new BIC website is live!

After months of planning and hard work behind the scenes, BIC has a new online home. We are currently in the BETA version, allowing us to test and implement further improvements as users begin to navigate around the new site. As ever at BIC, we are very receptive to feedback, so please get in touch if you have any!

BIC in 2023 – how the website is facilitating our strategy

Communication is fundamental to everything we do at BIC. ‘Leadership through listening’ is at the core of this, highlighting the crucial need to communicate effectively with our members and the wider book publishing industry.

Our new website equips us with the tools to do just that, with a clear, user-friendly navigation and instant access to a huge variety of resources across our remit. We’ve highlighted our focus areas for 2023 and beyond on the home page, as well as information we know our members find especially useful and access frequently.

Whilst we continue to provide best practices across the book supply chain generally, you’ll see that our particular areas of interest for this year and next include:

  • Continuing the work on ‘greening the supply chain’ by moving into phase 2 of the Green Work Plan
  • Phasing out BIC codes and the move to Thema
  • Continuation of the work across our committee projects
  • Supply chain review project
  • Adapting and shaping our communication with members and wider industry to best facilitate supply chain best practices

We’ll be posting highlights across these areas on the blog, as well as our pages on LinkedIn and Twitter, so make sure to follow us to keep up. Upcoming training and events are also live in our calendar, with a full roster scheduled for the spring and beyond.


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