Stronger Together …

.. I’m not talking about the book by Hilary Clinton here, instead this was the title of the recent BIC Breakfast on Acquisitions and Divestments in the Book Industry. This event aimed to demystify the process by which one organisation’s assets are transferred to another company, and it did this by providing a high-level overview of the stages to work through, the responsibilities of those involved, common pitfalls and where to look for further information. This is such a complex subject – not least because such transactions can be highly emotional journeys for many of those involved – that listening to the experiences and advice of professionals who have trodden this path gave those of us in the audience a lot to think about. While the slides from the event don’t really do it justice (because they’re not accompanied by what was actually said) I’m including a link to them here as they do still include a great deal of useful information.

The event followed hard on the heels of the publication of best practice guidelines for the transfer of both digital and physical products by BIC which (as you’d expect) provide invaluable advice and guidance.

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