What’s New

All change at BIC

Most of you will have seen the announcement that Karina Luke will be taking over as Executive Director of BIC in April and will be joining us on 16 February. Karina has been a long-standing friend and supporter of BIC and we are delighted that she is coming on board. She brings with her from…

Our New Website

As you can see, we have redesigned the BIC web site. We hope you will like it and quickly find your way around it. In fact the overall structure of the site is unchanged, as it seems to be serving its primary purpose well. We would welcome any comments or suggestions.

Another Frankfurt

I’m afraid the blog has been in abeyance too long. The main event – and preoccupation – of the past month or so has been the moving of the BIC office. We are now installed in the CILIP building on the corner of Store Street and Ridgmount Street in the heart of Bloomsbury, and very…