Good start to our training programme

We have recently completed our first season of training courses: three one-day sessions on Metadata and ONIX, BIC EDI standards, and ONIX and XML, held in collaboration with the Publishing Training Centre. For a first attempt, we are delighted with the results. Two of the courses were sold out, the other nearly so; and the feedback from the delegates was almost universally positive. I hope we shall be rerunning the three courses, taking any constructive suggestions for change on board, in the first half of the new year.

We didn’t know how successful they would be. In fact the initial response to them was disappointingly slow, but perhaps that isn’t so surprising given the harsh times and the fact that they won’t have been allowed for in anyone’s training budgets. What we did know, however, was that no one else was offering training on these quite specific subjects; and it is all the better, therefore, to be able to report that a gap in the market for training has been usefully filled.

We would welcome any suggestions for future training courses in the supply chain area; and we would also be open to running onsite courses for individual companies if the demand exists. Just get in touch.