BIC’s Building a Greener Business Webinar 2020

This seminar went ahead in the form of a webinar in response to London Book Fair 2020 being cancelled (due to ongoing concerns over the COVID-19 virus). 

Originally scheduled to take place at London Book Fair 2020, this event, was converted to a webinar and took place at the same time, on the same day and with the same programme and speakers as orginally planned. 

Thursday 12th March 2020


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Now in its 21st year, BIC’s annual seminar (usually at LBF) has provided both national and international representatives of the book industry, and members of the public, with an opportunity to meet and exchange views and information on all aspects of the supply chain. 

This year’s webinar – Building a Greener Business – took place on Thursday 12th March 2020, 10am-12:30pm, online. Attendees joined us in this two-and-a-half hour session to hear from book industry experts on a variety of topics, all ultimately focussed on helping them build a more efficient, greener business. 

This seminar was free to attend for both BIC Members and Non-Members alike.


The book trade is increasingly global, and improving discoverability and tradability is good for business, but is it necessarily good for the environment? What is the size of our industry’s carbon footprint and its consumption of plastic? How can organisations increase their sustainability whilst reducing their overall environmental impact? And what does the future hold? With expert speakers from publishers, printers, distributors, booksellers and more, these questions were explored in this year’s seminar which took attendees on a journey through the environmental lifecycle of a book from creation to consumer. 

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