Launched in June 2024, the project will agree, document, and promote best practice for the collection and management of product information by the various recipients of that metadata. Recipients of the data will be UK or Island of Ireland based or be active in those markets. 

The guidelines will be published with all stakeholders in mind. These include publishers, standards organisations, data aggregators, distributors, wholesalers, physical as well as online retailers, printers and manufacturers, freight forwarders and other third parties. 

The guidelines will address issues captured as part of BIC’s business as usual cycle of meetings, events and projects (such as the Metadata Map). The challenges of receiving and managing growing volumes of rich metadata include: 

  • The optimum timelines for processing inbound metadata. 
  • The misuse and misinterpretation of specific data elements. 
  • Ownership and trustworthiness.
  • Format.
  • Compliance with recipient requirements.
  • Problem resolution.
  • The responsibilities of data recipients.

Complimenting existing book industry standards by defining best practice for data recipients (who needs to do what, when and why) is key to the efficient and sustainable management of metadata. Ultimately, product information that complies with quality, completeness and timeliness requirements not only aids the discovery of books and related items, but ensures that these are visible, accessible, and appropriately represented all along the supply chain. 

Project Schedule

The project will be made up of BIC member volunteers from across the industry and be led by Stephen Long, an independent consultant with over 35 years industry experience. The project is expected to run from June 2024 until November 2024 and will meet regularly online. This will be followed by a period of promotion, endorsement, and review. 


Monthly report