How much you need e-commerce depends on the size of your business (book trade business with booksellers and wholesalers, not direct business). The important factors are the number of transactions which are suitable for e-commerce and the amount of investment you are prepared to make.

Step 1: To decide your need for e-commerce take a look at the following table which shows the number of transactions (e.g. order lines or invoice lines) processed in your business in a full year, broken down into months and working days (assuming a 6 day week).

Order Lines/Invoice Lines 

Per yearPer monthPer day Need

Decide whether your need for e-commerce is low, medium or high.

Step 2: Now consider your business turnover which comes from the book trade rather than other markets.

£50,000 to £200,000Level 1
£200,000 to £500,000Level 2
Over £500,000Level 3

Step 3: By now you will have decided your need for e-commerce as low, medium or highand your turnover level 1, 2 or 3. Use this information in the table below to click on the e-commerce code, which will be used to recommend the choice of services appropriate for your business.

Business LevelLowMedHigh
Level 1HI 
Level 2JKL
Level 3 MN

There are two results pages, divided into codes: h to jk to n.