UK Profile for ISO 28560-2

The ISO 28560 standard for tag structure and content for library applications of RFID has now been published and is available through the International Standards Organization. During the standardisation process, BIC has overseen the taking of two important steps towards establishing a more homogeneous and interoperable library RFID market in the UK. The first was the agreement, in January 2009, to adopt ISO 28560-2 as the UK National standard for an RFID data model. The second is a recommended UK National Profile, defining the use of this standard in library operations.

Whilst the full ISO standard makes available a total of 26 data ‘elements’ for use in the library market, many of these are more relevant to the supply chain than to the everyday operational requirements of libraries. After detailed discussions – mediated by the BIC/CILIP RFID in Libraries Group – the major RFID suppliers agreed to promote a UK National Profile that contains only three mandatory fields, but which allows for the needs of individual libraries – and their suppliers – to be met through a larger number of optional elements.

Now that the standard has been published, a final version of the UK profile, originally issued in March 2010, has now been produced which includes explanatory notes on how the recommended elements should be used.

Use of the profile is entirely voluntary, but it is anticipated that the demand from libraries for suppliers to adopt a common approach to data standards in RFID will ensure that it is widely adopted in the UK.

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