Welcome to BIC’s Green Hub! This is a BIC initiative designed as a resource for the book industry where we will share information on how we can be greener and showcase what BIC is doing to help organisations achieve that. 

The Supply Chain Challenge

It is in the supply chain that significant changes can be made by the book industry to lower our carbon footprint and improve how green we are. Every part of the supply chain needs to be scrutinised – printing, production, shipping, distribution, returns, packaging, materials and retail environments are all places that have a significant carbon footprint and BIC is focussed on developing and promoting industry standards to help reduce this and help organisations become more sustainable. 

Sustainability and eco consumers are here to stay and in response the book industry needs to reduce waste, use more green energy, promote the circular economy and maximise green efficiencies. The industry needs to be able to monitor its position and not only measure its progress and successes but shout about and share them. International collaboration and sharing best practices (both established and new) are vital as this needs to be a concerted effort globally. BIC, as the long established dedicated supply chain organisation for the book industry is at the heart of leading the greening required.