(International Standard Book Number)

The ISBN system is administered in the UK and Ireland by the UK ISBN Agency, 3rd Floor, Station Place, Argyle Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, SG1 2AD, telephone 01483 712215, https://nielsenbook.co.uk/isbn-agency/.

More information about the ISBN standard can be found at www.isbn-international.org.

In 2007, the ISBN changed from a 10-digit to a 13-digit identifier. A useful ISBN Calculator, which converts ISBNs from the old format to the new, can be found here.  

ISBN User Manual

Assignment of ISBN prefixes to e-book resellers (press release, April 2008)

BIC Code of Practice for the Identification of e-books and Digital Content

December 2009, revised February 2012: The principles and best practice for applying digital identifiers in the supply chain.

Best Practices for Identifying Digital Products

BISG Policy Statement (December 2011, Revised February 2013)

This Policy Statement provides recommendations for the identification of digital products in North America (but equally applicable elsewhere). Its objective is to clarify best practices and outline responsibilities in the assignment of ISBNs to digital products in order to reduce confusion in the marketplace and the possibility of errors.

The Identification of Digital Book Content

January 2008 ( reviewed in Jan 2023) : Michael Holdsworth’s discussion paper on digital identification, published jointly by BIC and the Book Industry Study Group.