1. Is there an application fee? Is it for BIC members only? 

The accreditation scheme is simple to apply for, and applications are completely free of charge and open to all (NB: applicants don’t have to be members of BIC to apply). Whether your organisation is a library, a library stock supplier, a library systems supplier (e.g., for LMS or RFID) or a service provider, simply open BIC’s TEiLA online application form, fill it in and click “submit”.

2. How should my organisation apply?

Organisations wishing to apply should complete an online application form which will take approximately one hour to fill in and may need input from other experts in your organisation.

3. Are there instructions within the online application form itself?

Yes. The TEiLA online application form contains full instructions for applicant organisations but for those who may be unfamiliar with some of the terminology used, a glossary is provided as follows:

4. Can I save my online application as I go, and before submitting it?

Yes. When filling out your online application form, it is possible to save your progress by section; this means that, if necessary, you can work on the online application over a number of days, resuming the application where you left off each time. Once you are happy that the online application form has been fully completed to the best of your ability, simply click “submit” in order to send the form to BIC. 

5. What happens after I submit my online application? 

Your application will be reviewed by a panel of industry experts. If your application is successful, BIC will inform you via email and will send you a certificate and logo which you can use / display in your organisation, on your organisation’s website and social media platforms, etc. BIC will also publicise your organisation’s success on the BIC website, on social media, etc. If your application is unsuccessful, BIC will inform you in complete confidence and will provide useful feedback and help on any areas of weakness. BIC’s objective in this case is to enable your organisation to improve so you can apply again and be successful next time. 

Please also note the following:

  • BIC reserves the right to check the answers provided in your TEiLA online application form to ensure accuracy.
  • All information provided in the TEiLA application form should already be in the public domain as members of the Accreditation Panel may be from other competitor organisations.

6. When should my organisation apply

Please note that currently accredited organisations will be contacted by BIC when their award is up for review; at this time, each organisation will be invited to complete the TEiLA online application form, providing information which will support its application for reaccreditation. 

The following deadlines apply to all applicants to the scheme (including those applying for accreditation for the first time, those whose organisation’s accreditation is up for review, and those who have lost their accreditation and wish to apply again following a period of 6 months. 

As the BIC TEiLA Accreditation Panel meets quarterly, new applicant organisations can apply for the scheme at multiple points across the year. (Thereafter, applications to renew your organisation’s award will be accepted on an annual basis).

Please note that all submissions are confidential. 

Application deadlines

  • Friday 2nd June 2023
  • Friday 1st September 2023
  • Friday 1st December 2023

7. What happens if I miss the renewal deadline?

Currently, organisations that miss their application deadline for annual renewal will be granted an additional 3 month grace period in order to apply, during which time they will remain listed as accredited.  However, if the extension period deadline has passed and BIC is still not in receipt of an application to renew, the organisation(s) in question will automatically be removed from the lit of accredited organisations.