Prior to filling out and submitting the online form, you may wish to first forward PDF copies to colleagues in other departments of your organisation for their additional input, if necessary. PDF copies of the questionnaires (for each organisation type respectively) are provided below, for this purpose. Once the collaborative input required has been received, an applying organisation can nominate one individual to then complete the online application form on its behalf. NB: BIC will only accept ONE TEiLA online application per organisation. The following PDFs are for reference purposes only and should not be submitted to BIC.

Once you are ready to fill in the TEiLA online application form, please use the link provided, below, to begin the application process. 

The BIC TEiLA online application form

All applicant organisations – whether your organisation is a Library (Academic or Public), a Library Stock Supplier, a Library Management Systems Provider or a Service Provider – must use the following link in order to apply to the BIC TEiLA Accreditation Scheme.

Please ensure that you select the correct Organisation Type for your respective organisation as this will affect the questions posed to you by the online application form. 

Please ensure you are as detailed and as complete in your application responses as you can possibly be. The results for each award are based solely on the information contained within your application form. 

Click here to apply to the BIC TEiLA Accreditation Scheme

Any feedback regarding the BIC TEiLA online application form and/or the online application process will be warmly welcomed; please contact us.

Good luck!