BIC Production Training Courses Achieve 95% Satisfaction Rating

London, 24th July 2015

Book Industry Communication (BIC), the book industry’s independent supply chain organisation, announced today that its suite of training courses, specialising in areas of book production, achieved a 95% satisfaction rating for courses run in 2014, according to recent feedback.

BIC’s training programmes, designed for publishing professionals and run by industry experts, are now well-established in the trade and are recognised for offering knowledge and learning in practices across the publishing supply chain, with particular emphasis on the technical and commercial aspects relating to book production. 

The courses are developed in conjunction with production directors at some of the UK’s largest global publishers, such as HarperCollins, Cambridge University Press, Orion and Oxford University Press. Focussing on the key elements of print and digital production, with specialist training in paper and colour printing, children’s books, digital book production, and shipping, each course offers trainees a combination of theory and practical applications, all delivered by the industry’s most qualified and experienced practitioners.

Feedback in the first 12 months has been positive, with over 95% of attendees saying they would recommend BIC’s production courses to other colleagues, 88% rating BIC’s production practitioners as excellent, 85% citing course relevance as excellent, and a 100% satisfaction rate for course content (subjects covered). 

Now in its second year, BIC is pleased to announce the following courses for its 2015 training schedule;

All production course profiles and how to book, can be found on the BIC website here: 
Training Information 

Karina Luke, Executive Director of BIC commented: “We are delighted the feedback on BIC’s courses has been so enthusiastic and positive. We have worked hard, both with our publisher partners and our trainers, to provide training schemes that offer exceptional quality and value to the industry and to receive such enthusiastic comments is fantastic. BIC is committed to driving initiatives that support growing the publishing supply chain and we are proud to be working with many of the largest and best-known publishers and suppliers in the industry to develop and provide training schemes and certificates that are recognised in the community that help the next generation of publishing experts find their niche.”

Of BIC’s training courses, Mike Levaggi, Group Production Director at Harper Collins said: “We at HarperCollins have now sent people on a number of the BIC training courses with really positive results. Invariably they have come back with improved knowledge, full of enthusiasm and new ideas to put into practice. The benefits to us have been seen in teams that can operate more independently, with greater confidence and also the morale benefit you invariably get when people feel the company is prepared to invest the time and money on their development. We will continue to use this form of training as a key part of our staff development programme.” 

Fiona McIntosh, Orion Group Executive, Orion Publishing Group said: “Holding the training in the printers adds a practical dimension to the theory being taught and helps the trainee thoroughly understand the concepts through seeing it happen.”

Nancy Roberts, Business Process Director, Cambridge University Press said: “We have found the BIC production courses to deliver real, practical value; as one example, the trip to the paper mill has given our team a much better understanding of the paper-making process and what the different options are, and the quality of conversations they are now able to have with suppliers have opened up new opportunities to reduce costs and maintain quality. I would strongly recommend these courses as delivering hands-on experience which enables staff to do their jobs better.” 


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