These specifications and guidelines enshrine the consensus decisions reached on implementation issues at BIC’s regular Implementation Clinics. They provide overall guidance on the use of the BIC-approved Tradacoms and EDIFACT messages and attempt to define a code of good practice to be adopted by buyers and suppliers implementing EDI in this sector. The Guidelines also provide a detailed specification of each individual message.

Overview of EDI standards in library supply ( reviewed March 2023)

BIC Tradacoms Library Implementation Guidelines

The Book Trade Order File (updated December 2022)

The Acknowledgment of Order File (updated December 2022)

Code Lists Version 11 (revised January 2023)

Tradacoms transmission structure ( updated January 2023)

BIC EDIFACT Implementation Guidelines

Implementation guidelines for EDIFACT messages for the book trade are maintained by EDItEUR and can be found here. The first document below relates to specific UK usage and provide guidelines on the UK requirements of HM Revenue and Customs. 

Invoice message for UK library invoices (updated December 2022)

Changes to library book supply guidelines since Issue 1.2 (April 2010, reviewed December 2022)

Managing FTP file transfers

EDItEUR filenaming conventions for use in FTP file transfers (Version 4, May 2008, reviewed January 2023)

EDItX XML transaction specifications

XML versions of all the major transactions in library supply applications have been developed.