BIC, BookNet Canada, BISG form International Green Book Supply Chain Alliance

29th September 2020

BIC, BookNet Canada, BISG Form an International Green Book Supply Chain Alliance 

 Book Industry Communication (BIC) today announced the formation of an International Green Book Supply Chain Alliance with BookNet Canada (BNC) and the Book Industry Study Group (BISG). The alliance will include information sharing, joint planning, environmental events, and other initiatives. 

Reflecting on the alliance, BIC executive director Karina Urquhart noted, “It is in the supply chain that the most significant changes can be made by the global book industry to eliminate waste and reduce its impact on the environment. It is vital that international supply chain organisations collaborate, and the US, UK and Canada are set to provide leadership in this critical area.” 

Urquhart added, “In their respective territories, the three entities are long established, trusted, dedicated book supply chain organisations. Each is well-positioned to help the book publishing industry understand and make significant changes to reduce its overall environmental impact on the planet.” 

The International Green Book Supply Chain Alliance will grow its agenda in concert with our members and national book communities. BookNet Canada CEO Noah Genner noted, “The book supply chain is the reason our respective organisations’ were formed. Addressing the environmental impact of that supply chain builds on both our interest and expertise.” 

While the alliance will be jointly led by BIC, BNC, and BISG, all three organizations plan to welcome support from other international bodies that may be interested in contributing. BISG executive director Brian O’Leary observed, “We’re interested in bringing together companies and people with diverse perspectives on the issues and opportunities in front of us. Amplifying the good work of others is a core strategy for BISG and this alliance.” 

Preliminary discussions have identified several opportunities to collaborate, including: 

  • Collecting and sharing best practice information, with links to any applicable standards 
  • Publishing environmental news of relevance to the book industry 
  • Conducting environmental research, with an opportunity to align studies 
  • Offering a central resource for environmental information and ideas 
  • Hosting global green book supply chain events 
  • Developing an annual Green Global Supply Chain award 
  • Testing the idea of a Global Green Book Supply Chain accreditation, with work required to establish how it might complement ISO14001 
  • Collaborating to develop a united green programme of work 

As the alliance gathers momentum there will be other areas to consider and include. 

In making the announcement, Urquhart stressed that the alliance would work on internationally appropriate elements of greening the global supply chain that could be shared/adopted across territories. “There will always be elements of local initiatives, and market-specific concerns that may The UK book industry supply chain organisation 

not be appropriate for wider consideration or adoption. We’ll shine a light on them, but the differences in our markets will be embraced and acknowledged.” 

Urquhart noted, “Care for the environment is ultimately a global concern, as is the book publishing industry itself. That makes it logical for us to join forces in the green space. Our three organizations will promote and lead international change in our industry via collaboration and joint initiatives in this area.” 

For more information on the International Green Book Supply Chain Alliance, contact: 

  • Karina Urquhart, BIC ( 
  • Noah Genner, BNC ( 
  • Brian O’Leary, BISG ( 

About BIC 

BIC is a not for profit members organisation working at the heart of the UK book industry to promote supply chain efficiency in all sectors of the book world through e-commerce, best practice, training, events, and the application of standards. BIC helps organisations become more efficient, save money, become less wasteful and ultimately greener. At the cornerstone of the book industry, BIC holds a unique position of trust, facilitating UK and international industry-wide collaboration to reach agreement on dependable standards and best practice in the supply chain. Find out more at 

About BNC

BookNet Canada is a non-profit organization that develops technology, standards, and education to serve the Canadian book industry. Founded in 2002 to address systemic challenges in the industry, BookNet Canada supports publishing companies, booksellers, wholesalers, distributors, sales agents, and libraries across the country. Find out more at 

About BISG

BISG is the book industry’s leading trade association for information, standards, and research, creating the connections and conversations that solve problems, advance new ideas, and more profitably bring published content to readers. Its broad membership includes trade, educational, professional, and scholarly publishers, as well as distributors, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, service providers, and libraries. 

In partnership with other industry associations, BISG maintains and implements standardized best practices, develops and shares leading-edge research and information, and fosters education through events and webinars that help our membership and the industry better understand market trends and issues.