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Page last updated 12th July 2016 

Thank you to all of those attended the recent relaunch of the PGN. For those of you who weren't able to attend you can read about it here in this Bookseller article. 

The notes and key actions from our relaunch will be circulated to members in July. 

The Publishers Green Network's Core Aim
Our core aim is to help publishing houses increase sustainability and reduce their overall environmental impact. We look at the complete process/supply chain for physical and ebooks by providing a networking/information sharing forum to facilitate this.

Who the Publishers Green Network are & what we do

  • The Publishers Green Network (PGN) is a voluntary group which was founded in 2007 by a group of publishers who wanted to share good environmental practice across UK publishing houses both big and small.
  • We have a focus on grassroots initiatives and invite members to share their environmental journey and achievements.
  • We also invite third parties (such as environmental charities and organisations) to come and address the group.
  • We usually have 1 -2 meetings a year held in London (although we hope we might be able to to have a meeting in Oxford too at some point soon!).
  • Open to all members of UK publishing houses. Membership is free and is especially suited to people who work on green teams. Anyone who wishes to join should contact
  • The group is currently chaired by Ashley Lodge from Pearson (Ashley was one of the original founding members).

The Publishers Association's Environment Review Group (ERG)
The PGN works alongside The Publishers Association's Environment Review Group (chaired by Peter Hughes from Pearson). Any industry level issues are raised within the PGN meetings and taken to the appropriate PA meeting by the ERG Chair, Peter Hughes.


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